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The Necromantia Fantasy Series: The Necromancer's Apprentice (Book 1)


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Necromantia: The Necromancer's Apprentice

The first three novellas in the Occult Urban Fantasy Series Necromantia! The best and only place to start!

Who do you serve when Heaven and Hell want you dead?
Buried beneath the Seattle rains festers a world of occult magick, religious devotion, and the hell that erupts when those two worlds collide.

They are Necromancers.

Religious men who bare the cross for a church using them as fodder. They serve a jealous God that founded their ways. Follow Angels that waste their cheap lives.

They dare to step out from the shadows, exorcise your demons, purge your greed, and ultimately scrape away a small profit from the sour tears of dying souls.

For what? A plan. HIS plan.

Necromantia is an Urban Fantasy, with the spine of a Thriller, and the soul of a Horror novel.

Series Description:

Each book in the Necromantia series follows an episodic approach, similar to long-form television shows. Each book is short, ~175 pages each, and builds on the previous release.

What Amazon readers have said about the Necromantia Series:
★★★★★ 'Excellent read, very evocative author.'
★★★★★ 'The situation is wonderfully unique and the characters are flawed, difficult and you can't help but feel deeply for them.'
★★★★★ 'The heroes of this setting are really unlike any others.'

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The Necromantia Fantasy Series: The Necromancer's Apprentice (Book 1)

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