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The Necromantia Fantasy Series: Books 4-6

Matthew Buza (Author)

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Necromantia: Boxset Books 4-6)

The second trilogy of serials in the Necromantia Series is available in one Boxset! Corvus Rising!

No matter how much you try to bury the past, it finds a way to come back…

Who is Corvus?

A myth? Revenge? A jaded man hell-bent on destroying the world?

The story shifts like the pieces on a chessboard, but who will be left standing at the end?

What will happen to Isaac and Lazarus when they come face-to-face with evil?

A shapeshifter, a shot heard round the world, a religion gone mad, and the lust for murder fill this Boxset!

…what does Corvus want? And can they stop him?

Series Description:

Each book in the Necromantia series follows an episodic approach, similar to long-form television shows. Each book is short, ~175 pages each, and builds on the previous release.

What Amazon readers have said about the Necromantia Series:
★★★★★ 'Excellent read, very evocative author.'
★★★★★ 'The situation is wonderfully unique and the characters are flawed, difficult and you can't help but feel deeply for them.'
★★★★★ 'The heroes of this setting are really unlike any others.'

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The Necromantia Fantasy Series: Books 4-6

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