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Dead on the Western Front


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Dead on the Western Front

It feels as if God has abandoned his children to fight in the mud...

The names are all different, but they all mean the same thing:

Trench Walkers
The Dead

Beneath the Western Front, the 189th Tunneling Company digs its way across one shovel full at a time. Will a set of secret plans help tip the scale? Or, will they have to contend with more than just the Germans? There are walkers out there. And their own trench scum. How will they cope when they see their once dead brothers looking for a piece of the action?

Steel and teeth cut equally.
Blood flows all the same.

Where is the meaning in this world when you're trapped between the roar of the lead racket and the moaning cries of blood lust?

Prepare to be...Dead On The Western Front

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Dead on the Western Front

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