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What You Always Wanted (A Monroe Story Novella)

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What You Always Wanted (A Monroe Story Novella)

Matthew Buza (Author)

*My goal is to share my writing with as many people as I can. I continue to publish and will continue to share my work with you. I'm in this for the writing and have made my books "pay what you want". That means you can download anything I write for free. If you're feeling generous, there's a suggested price. I appreciate your support. Happy reading!

What You Always Wanted (A Monroe Story Novella)

On the shores of Lake Tye, in the small town of Monroe, Wa, young Lia is thrown into the in-between. It looks and feels like the world she knew, but something is different here. There are strange people in the shadows, magical animals in the waters, and a stolen soul that needs to return home.

Lia's desire for clarity forces her to sift through the past to define her new future.

Call everything into question. Discover a new reality. Find the lost love within.

Is Monroe another city on the way into the mountains, or is it more?

Find out in…What You Always Wanted.

Series Description:

This story is part of my stand-alone Monroe Stories set in Monroe, Wa.

What Amazon readers have said about other Monroe Stories:
★★★★★ 'Crime drama mixed with supernatural horror.'
★★★★★ 'The Monroe stories give you a real feel for small-town eastern Washington. The characters and plots have a genuine quality and are engrossing without cliche.'
★★★★★ 'This one is even creepier than usual because one can just imagine an online legion of voyeurs pushing buttons and pulling strings. Well worth reading for a nice quick jolt of adrenaline!'

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